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How Remainers can help in #GE2017

May 11, 2017


Support the campaign team for a pro-EU MP

Whether you choose to use or energy supporting a local candidate, or one in a target area, there is something for everyone to help with. Quite often you will find a lot of work is being done by just a handful of dedicated activists

  • Leafleting

  • Canvassing

  • Addressing/stuffing envelopes

  • Distributing posters


Social media

  • Continue sharing memes to support your party

  • Set your privacy settings to friends of friends or public for wider outreach.  Befriend lots of remainers so you can back each other up – be bold!

  • Get a Twitter account!  It’s where it’s at. Many people go by something other than their actual name.

  • Like and share the posts from all our candidates.

  • Hold the opposition to account on everything.  You may want to get a second FB account for this, so your friends and colleagues don’t have a blow by blow account of your activism!  Be assertive but polite, be legal.

  • Keep sharing news articles which are either pro-EU or anti-Brexit – blame the politicians who conned us, not the voters.

  • Sign up to the local newspaper comments (with a username of your choice) so you can join in the public debate.




Fundraise and/or donate – money is short in some areas after the local election campaigns.If you want your money to go to a local party, send it to the local party rather than central HQ.

Local press

Write letters or send press releases which will promote you candidate’s chance of winning.  It doesn’t have to be Brexit-related; it may even be more effective to pick another less controversial issue like NHS.

Be creative!  There have been brilliant examples of this already – from papier mâché politicians, to songs, art work, poetry, cartoons, hilarious memes.  Keep creating!

Other communications

Try to engage the younger generation (who could play a key role in steering grandparents etc in the desired direction) and friends, neighbours and colleagues who may not be in social media.

Good luck and remember:  If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you haven’t spent the night with a mosquito.

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