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Worcestershire For Europe – Summary of activities - Jan – Feb 2018

March 17, 2018

Ladies and Gents

It’s been a busy few weeks since the start of the year and it makes some sense to summarise what we have achieved as a group and what we have coming up.

January 1st – Flag wave on The Malverns: Together with our friends from the European Movement (West Mercia) a New Years Day flag wave and singalong took place at the British Camp. Fantastic views, if a little windy. Very impressed with Lawrence’s guitar work at altitude.


January 1st – Elgar gets redecorated: It seems we have some, as yet unknown, supporters in the area who made a peaceful protest by giving Sir Edward a blue and gold cape. Very fetching he looked too on the front page of the local papers. 


January 16th – SODEM Campaign outside Parliament: The Stand Of Defiance European Movement, SODEM to it’s friends gathered outside parliament to oppose the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. Support from the No10 Vigil, EU Elvis and others made it a fun but chilly day out. Steve Bray deserves a knighthood for being outside parliament on every day that it sits.


The No10 Vigil female voice choir at SODEM


EU Elvis and Veterans for Europe


February 3rd – Regional Meeting in Stratford: A very strong showing from the West/South West Region who met at Stratford school to organise closer co-operation and to plan combined events for the year. Attendees included: Tom Brufatto (Chair of Britain for Europe), Tim Verboven (European Movement), Stratford for Europe, Oxford for Europe, Glostays, Cheltenham for Europe, Leamington for Europe, Warwick and district for Europe, EU in Brum, Worcestershire for Europe, Walsall for Europe, Stoke on Trent for Europe, Veterans for Europe and the Young European Movement.


February 10th - Worcester for Europe Action Day: The first action day of the year and it was extremely cold and rather damp. This shot was taken at the very end of the day and doesn’t include everyone who supported us, thank you all. We still have some of Karen’s chocolate spare…


February 17th – No10 Vigil Three Counties Tour - Hereford: The first venture into the far west for the Vigil team and a great success it was too. A good showing from the people of Hereford. This is Faux Bojo (the conscience of Boris Johnson) with a friend.


The Vigil team in full flow.


February 17th – No10 Vigil Three Counties Tour - Worcester: An excellent showing in Worcester. A crowd of a couple of hundred watched (and listened) to Faux Bojo, Granny Remain, Mayhem and Jo do their thing. The cheers at the end of ‘Boris has mucked it up’ must have disturbed the peaceful slumber of the Honourable member for Worcester…


February 17th – No10 Vigil Three Counties Tour - Stratford: All credit to the Stratford team for arranging the Vigil visit in only a few days. A fun afternoon which caught the imagination of the passing crowd. Inside the RSC next time… 


Thanks guys


February 22nd – The Big Brexit Bus of Truth: Arranged by the Camden for Europe group the ‘Bus of Truth’ was designed to persuade regretting Leavers and dormant Remainers back to the cause. Worcester City Council had other ideas so we had to relocate and change the nature of the event. Either way the bus made it’s mark on Worcester and the event at the Cap ‘n’ Gown was a real tonic (and gin…). The bus extended its tour around the UK to eleven days, as extra money was donated, and seems to have created quite a stir in the media.


Inside the Cap ‘n’ Gown during the ‘Bus of Truth’ event. Many thanks to Darrell Butler, Mike Foster and Tim Evans for their encouraging words and to Ted Marshall for use of the Cap ‘n’ Gown.



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