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Worcestershire For Europe – Summary of activities - May – Jun 2018

September 19, 2018

Ladies and Gents

It’s difficult to believe it’s been six months since we braved the summit of the Malvern Hills on New Year’s Day but still we protest, argue, cajole, persuade, march and in extreme circumstances, picnic. The main focus has been on the ‘Peoples Vote’ campaign targeting the march in London and to this end everyone has worked like the proverbial inhabitants of Troy by door-to-door leafletting in all the main towns, including complete coverage of both Malvern and Bewdley.

Together with our friends in the European Movement (West Mercia) and in the teams in Bewdley, Kidderminster, Evesham and Pershore we cover the whole of Worcestershire. Although, I don’t think we have been to Droitwich yet…



So, here is a quick summary of the last two months 

May 5th – Bromsgrove Action Day

A busy day in the sunshine in Bromsgrove. The usual postcards to Sajid and his colleagues, leaflets for the ‘Peoples Vote’. We did have one ‘Leaver’ who didn’t want to be in the European Union just in case the United States joined…you can’t make it up! It must have been the heat…



And what did the ladies think of Sajid’s Power Stance? Well, you can see below…They scare the bejesus out of me…



May 13th – Europe Day picnic

There is something about 2018. I think we have had only one event/action day where it has rained (February in Worcester if memory serves) either way it was sunny yet again as we gathered in Gheluvelt Park, Worcester for a relax, a chat, a top-up tan and lots of really unhealthy (but tasty) things to eat.




May 19th – Bewdley Action Day

The day of the royal wedding dawned in Bewdley to support Peter and his team with handing out the ‘Peoples Vote’ leaflets. Admittedly, it was a quiet day due to the royal wedding, but we still managed to clear leaflets, postcards and make an impression on the Brexitometer. We were situated outside the Wetherspoons pub, which is no longer in Tim Martin’s portfolio, and hopefully the new landlord/lady will be of a sounder mind…






May 26th – Redditch Action Day

Yes, that’s right, we went to Redditch. There has always been a bit of an intake of breath when the possibility of a Redditch Actoin Day has been mentioned…you know that you are in the right and that Brexit is doomed when you can go to Redditch and support the EU. Together with our friends from Stratford for Europe, Warwick and District for Europe and, of course, West Mercia European Movement we had a successful day. New members were signed up, leaflets given out, some rather sharp postcards for Rachel were collected and two Brexitometers.





9th June – Worcester Action Day 

Back on to the mean street of Worcester. The food festival was on, so we were not allowed to use the stall or the Brexitometer but this minor set backs don’t stop Worcestershire for Europe. It was very busy, and we managed to shift a lease a couple of thousand leaflets for the ‘Peoples Vote march’ in London.





June 9th – 20th SODEM Action Days and No 10 Vigil

For those of you who have never supported Stand Of Defiance European Movement (SODEM) I can highly recommend this as a day out if you happen to be in London. Over the last few weeks a number of our members have been outside Parliament support Steve Bray and his team. Trust me, go along and watch a true master at work. Steve asks every MP he sees ‘What will Brexit do for me?’ and then post the responses on the SODEM Facebook page. They can be real eye openers…

Don’t forget to support our old friends in the No 10 Vigil (see the February update). The meet at Richmond Terrace (opposite Downing Street on Mondays and Wednesday between 18:00 and 21:00 for a song, a protest and to heckle the PM as she leaves the security of No 10.



 June 23rd – The People Vote march

This event does not really need an introduction but if you missed it…well, you missed one of the most important events in the fight against Brexit. Gathering at the Crimea War Memorial in Wellington Place we marched, sang, shouted and generally made ourselves heard. The support from non-marchers was incredible as was the attention from the press…



The march was attended by upwards of 150,000 people but the estimate is low due to there being no account of those joining from St. James. Guest speakers included, Caroline Lucas, Vince Cable, Gina Miller, Tony (Baldrick) Robinson, David Lammy, Anna Subery amongst others, protest groups from UK and love letters from Germany (Pulse of Europe). The whole march was fronted by Brigadier Stephen Goodall (retired). A 96-year-old gentleman (and Military Cross winner in Burma during WW2) who declared the day to be ‘absolutely splendid’.


What a team!



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