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Let's play... 



...and see which promises our honest, legitimately funded and utterly sane Prime Minister will keep. Will he win you over or will he use his beloved bus to run you down?? 

On Brexit

Trade with the EU

#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Easiest in Human History’

‘They need us more than we need them’

‘German car manufacturers’      


A 'Zero-tariff', 'Zero-quota' arrangement which would mean goods travelling between the UK and Europe with no taxes, in unlimited quantities. The UK stays outside the single market and customs union, although Northern Ireland keeps the rules for both. That would mean checks on imports and exports to ensure the British manufacturers are not breaching European standards.

Liam Fox: "The free trade agreement that we will have to do with the European Union should be one of the easiest in human history"

Dominic Raab: "I hadn't quite understood the full extent of this but... we are particularly reliant on the Dover-Calais crossing"

Daniel Hannan: "Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the Single Market"

Trade with the World


​#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘The NHS is not for sale’

‘The Bigliest trade deal ever’

‘Chlorinated Chicken’


The Tory manifesto pledged to strike free-trade agreements with the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada within three years. They also want to get trade deals with China and India in the longer term and well as other fast growing countries in poorer parts of the world. They party says food standards and the NHS will not be up for negotiation in any trade talks.

EU Standards

​#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘We can eat grass’

‘Dad, this rat tastes funny’

‘English sparkling wine’


The Political Declaration attached to the Withdrawal Agreement guarantees a a 'level playing field' which means UK standards could not fall below EU ones, but this is not legally binding. The Tories have promised to give Parliament a say on any future move to reduce workers rights. They want to relax rules on using state aid to invest in industry.

Farming and Fishing


​#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Fishing licenses’

‘Fruit rotting in the fields’

‘Farage looks like a fish’

An end to the common agricultural policy will involve farmers being rewarded for protecting the environment. A 'Buy British' policy will be used for public sector procurement. Environmental and animal welfare standards will be protected. Britain 'will take back control of our waters'. There will be laws requiring sustainable fishing.


​​#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Immigration targets have been missed’

‘Tens of thousands, not hundreds of thousands’

Bonus points for anything sensible said by Priti Patel (proof will be required)


Immigration will move to a points-based system with no preference for EU citizens. The net migration target has been replaced with the aim that 'overall numbers will come down'. There will be a fast-track NHS visa and increased NHS surcharges for immigrants. They system will be decided on qualifications, language skills and experience.

Process and transition

​#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Transition Period will not be extended’

‘Get Brexit done’

‘Oven baked’ or ‘Half baked’


Start parliamentary votes on the Brexit deal, with the legislation completed in mid-January. UK leaves the EU on 31st January with an 11 month transition during which nothing will change.  Immediately start talks on a free-trade agreement with the EU. Do not extend the transition under any circumstances, even if talks over a comprehensive trade deal with Europe fail.

Boris Johnson: "There is no plan for no deal because we are going to get a great deal"

David Davis: "You can be sure there will be a deal"


On Health


Extra NHS Funding​


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘The NHS is not for sale’

‘Insurance based health system’

‘The NHS is not in crisis’


A record £34bn per year (in cash terms. In real terms £20.5bn) by the end of the parliamentary term in additional funding for the NHS. The Tories have promised to enshrine the long-term NHS funding plan in law within the first three months of their term.


Nigel Farage: "We need to move to an insurance based system of healthcare," 


Dominic Cummings: "Tory MPs largely don’t care about these poor poorer people. They don’t care about the NHS" 


50,000 more nurses


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


Any accurate mathematics from any member of the department of health


Confusion reigned over how many of the extra nurses would actually be new nurses (31,000) and how many would be retained staff (19,000). Would mean a jump in staff nurses (and midwives) from 280,000 to 330,000.


40 more hospitals


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘How many hospitals are we going to build?’

‘What about the Ambulance service’

‘Paramedics to be trained as doctors’


Within hours the Tories had to admit that building work has only begun on six hospitals with ‘seed funding’ made available to other trusts. Manifesto stated the party would ‘build and fund’ 40 new hospitals over the next 10 years.


6,000 more GPs


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘A&E for an aspirin’


6,000 more GPs and £50 million more GP surgery appointments a year. The appointments increase should reduce waiting times and make it easier for people to see their GP. However, primary care is really struggling, with the number of GPs having actually fallen over 1,000 in recent years

NHS visa


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘I wanna be seen by a English doctor’


Overseas-qualified doctors, nurses and allied health professionals with a job offer from the NHS, who have been trained to a recognised standard and who have good working English, will be offered fast-track entry, reduced visa fees and dedicated supports to come to the UK with their families.


£1bn extra yearly for social care


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘You won’t lose your house’

‘Care in the community’

‘Care in the family’


Barely touched by the Tories, given that social care was widely seen as derailing Theresa May’s campaign in 2017. The Tories said it also wanted ‘to come up with’ a long-term solution for social care.


On Education

School Funding


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Brain drain’

‘We value our young people’

Teachers need to free to teach’


Shortly after becoming Prime Minister, Johnson announced schools in England would get and extra £7.1bn by 2022-23 compared with 2019-20. The commitment is baked into the Government’s existing spending plans, so this is a commitment the party is almost certain to deliver. Teachers starting salaries will rise to £30,000 by 2022.


Arts premium


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘I know what I like’

'I don't want my kids learning about this namby-pamby stuff'


Promised an ‘arts premium’ for secondary schools to fund “enriching activities” for all pupils. The policy follows criticism that arts have been squeezed out of the curriculum. A small-fry commitment as education policies go, so it should not be too difficult to find some money for it.



University Funding


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Upping the load interest rates is a sensible option’

‘We will create a network of Technical Colleges’

‘Education is for those who will use it’


The manifesto was tight-lipped on university funding, only committing to consider “carefully” the Auger review, which recommended cutting tuition fees from £9,250 to £7,500. The idea is associated with Theresa May, any may never see the light of day. Could do something around the margins (the manifesto promised to “look at” student loan interest rates.)


On the Environment

Greenhouse gas emissions


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Cows farting’

‘Warmer summers, bring ‘em on’

‘Coal is a clean fuel’


The Tories have pledged £800m to develop new technology to capture carbon dioxide before it gets into the atmosphere – known as carbon capture and storage (CCS) – and £500m to help carbon-intensive industries reduce their footprints. Campaigners will be watching closely to ensure the party keeps its promise after George Osborne cancelled £1bn of promised funding for CCS technologies in 2015.




#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Tree huggers’


Promised to invest in nature, with a £640m new fund to support natural systems to soak up emissions. This will build on the party’s support for building a new forest in the north of England. In total, the party pledged to grow 75,000 acres of trees a year – or about 30 million trees – by the end of the next parliament, as well as restoring peatland. Schemes are popular with the public.


Climate change


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘This is not a climate emergency’

‘Only an anomaly’

‘Greta Thunberg is being manipulated’


Pledged to lead the climate change after the government became, in June, the first major economy to promise to become carbon neutral, by 2050. The government has an opportunity to prove its environmental credentials in December when Glasgow will host the biggest UN climate change meeting in five years. However, the party needs to lead by example.




#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘US Company wins new Fracking contract’


Having placed a moratorium on fracking in England (it doesn’t happen elsewhere in the UK) the party has officially ruled out relaxing the ban. However, it appeared to leave the door open for change arguing that it would not support fracking ‘unless the science shows categorically that it can be done safely’.




#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


Points awarded for pictures of Johnson or Gove in waders.

Bonus points if Gove wears his ‘Clean for the Queen’ tabard again.


Will establish a £500m Blue Planet Fund to help protect our oceans from plastic pollution, warming sea temperatures and overfishing. Said it would ‘continue to lead diplomatic efforts’ to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030. The party has staked its environmental reputation in large part on the popular issue of ocean preservation.


On the UK



#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


Every time Johnson does a pubic walkabout in Scotland.

Every time Nicola Sturgeon out manoeuvres the Government.

‘England and Scotland have always been the best of friends’


The Tories have ruled out a second referendum on Scottish independence. The SNP’s landslide north of the border has strengthened the case for Indyref2, but the UK Government legally has the power to refuse it and will do so. Michael Gove confirmed it was ‘absolutely’ off the table.




#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Wales voted Leave’

‘England and Scotland have always been the best of friends’

‘IndyRef 1’


The Tories promised a ‘Marches growth deal’ to help those who live near the border. Their manifesto pledged to upgrade road and rail links with England, and supported the ambition for one million people in Wales to speak Welsh by 2050.


Northern Ireland


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘The Stormont Assembly is in session’

‘No border checks’



Northern Ireland would enjoy ‘full economic benefits of Brexit’, including new trade deals. Businesses promised they would have ‘unfettered access’ to the rest of the UK, but experts have warned there will be customs checks under the PM’s Brexit deal. Manifesto pledged to re-establish the NI Executive and Assembly, but this is not necessarily within government control.


The North


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Northern Powerhouse’

‘HS2 in the North’

Johnson doing a public walkabout in Liverpool


The Tories have promised ‘full devolution across England’ including giving cities funding to upgrade bus, tram and train services. Manifesto pledged to decide ‘optimal outcome’ for HS2, and to investing the Northern Powerhouse Rail and the Midlands Rail Hub.


On Spending



#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Brexit Bonus’

‘We are considerably better off’

‘Magic money tree’


Johnson promises an end to the years of austerity. Before the election, the Tories already announced they would increase spending on English schools by £7.1bn by 2023, on the NHS by £34bn by 2024 and recruit 20,000 extra Police officers. Their manifesto added promises pf £2.9bn including a nurse recruitment drive and a blitz on potholes.


Jacob Rees-Mogg: "To have charitable support given by people voluntarily to support their fellow citizens I think is rather uplifting and shows what a good, compassionate country we are," 


Capital Investment


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Infrastructure for the 21st centuary’


Pledging to oversee an ‘infrastructure revolution for this country’, including heavy investment in railways, road building and full-fibre broadband. In addition to the £22bn of capital spending allocated to specific projects in the manifesto, the party has given itself room to spend another £80bn without breaking its fiscal rules.


Leave.EU: "They said businesses would flee if we voted to leave, but instead we are seeing great British innovators like Dyson investing in the UK’s future!’ 


Personal Taxation


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Income Tax will not go up’

‘National Insurance will not go up’

‘VAT will not up’


Johnson has promised not to raise Income Tax, National Insurance or VAT between now and the next election. Economists say his spending plans will not be possible if he keeps to that pledge. The party says it will raise the threshold for paying National Insurance to £12,500 but refuses to lay out the timetable for the change.


Business Taxes


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘The Singapore model’

‘Bonfire of regulation’

‘Investment will flood in’


Government plans to cut corporation tax next year are being scrapped to free £6bn a year for public services. Business rates are due to be reduced although ministers have not explained how the new system would work. A digital services tax aims to ensure that major multinational companies pay ‘their fair share of tax’.


Economists for Brexit: "Over time, if we left the EU, it seems likely that we would mostly eliminate manufacturing…But this shouldn’t scare us."




#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘We value our older people’

‘The pension age is to go up to 75’

‘The Baby Boomers legacy’


The pension triple lock, the winter fuel allowance and the older person’s bus pass are being retained, continuing the governments favourable treatment of pensioners compared with other low-income groups. Johnson has called for the restoration of free TV licenses for the over 75s but says it is up to the BBC.


On Infrastructure

Heathrow Expansion


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Lying in front of a Bulldozer’

‘Boris Island’

Gatwick as an alternative’


Johnson once famously pledged to lie down in front of the bulldozers to stop a third runway – but then purposely missed the vote on it while serving as Foreign Secretary. The manifesto notes parliament has approved expansion in principle, but warns it will receive no new public money and must meet obligations on air quality and noise.




#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:



‘East Coast mainline’

‘Timetable chaos’


Manifesto pledged a ‘simpler, more effective rail system’, including giving metro mayors control over local services. It promised to extend contactless pay-as-you-go ticketing to 200 more stations in the South East. Commitment to reverse Beeching line cuts in the 1960’. Promised a Veteran’s Railcard.



#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘House building targets missed’

‘Brown field sites’

‘Blame the developers/councils’


Promised at least one million new homes over the next parliament – a dilution of the current 300,000 annual target. Also pledged ‘new market in the long term fixed rate mortgages’. Ban on sale of new leasehold homes, no fault evictions abolished and a promise to end rough sleeping by the end of this parliament.




#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


Any minister sacked for having pornography on their government computer.

Any public service hit by a major virus outbreak

‘Digital economy’



Commitment to bringing full fibre and ‘gigabit-capable’ broadband across the UK by 2025, supported by £25bn in public funding. This represents a downgrading of a pledge by Johnson in the Tory leadership race to roll out full-fibre broadband by that date.


Flood Defences


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Flooding is a natural phenomina’

The local community have pulled together amazingly’

‘We are doing all we can’


The Tory government was criticised in the early stages of the election campaign over its response to flooding in South Yorkshire and the Midlands. The manifesto promised £4bn in new funding ‘over the coming years’ to bolster flood defences.


Road building


#BorisBrexitBingo Points for:


‘Motor insurance will not go up due to the state of the roads’


Commitment to road building and improvements on major highways and local roads, paid for out of £28.8bn investment fund, as part of a wider national infrastructure strategy. Manifesto promised to invest £1bn in a fast-charging network to ensure everyone is within 30 miles of a rapid electric vehicle charging station.

With thanks to The 'i' for the bulk of the text and Lions Led by Donkeys for the quotes  

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