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No Deal? No Mandate



As we enter a new phase of the Brexit process with Boris Johnson as PM, may we respectfully remind you that you are duty-bound to act in the best interests of all your constituents.


We know and you know that a No Deal Brexit will be extremely damaging to our region and poses a health and security risk to us all.

You were elected to represent us in 2017 on the basis of a manifesto which promised a good Brexit Deal.  Recent EU election results showed no majority in the Uk for a No Deal Brexit.


We continue to make the case for a vote on the Brexit Deal, as the most democratic way forward in what has been an extremely costly, chaotic and divisive episode in British politics.


We wish you well in the coming months as you represent us and urge you to put country before party.


Yours sincerely

Deeply Concerned...



I am deeply concerned by the direction that Brexit is heading in and I know many of my friends and family feel the same. We’ve all learned so much since the vote in 2016 about what Brexit could look like and it would be only fair, democratic and frankly sensible to allow the people to vote on whether they like the terms being offered. We want the option to press the button to stop Brexit and build a better future for Britain in Europe.

Over 700,000 people marched for a people's vote on 20th October. Best for Britain's research shows that more than 2.6 million Leave voters have turned their backs on Brexit and now support staying in the EU and 112 formerly Leave voting constituencies have now shifted to backing Remain. It’s hardly surprising. It shows that people like me are not alone in wanting the chance to think clearly and rationally about the future of Britain before we make one of the biggest decisions we have ever made as a nation.

So, I ask you as my MP and representative, please publicly commit to supporting a people’s vote on the terms of the Brexit deal with an option to stay in the EU. Please give us the option to press the stop button.

I would appreciate it if you could you answer the following questions, so I can understand your position on this important matter:

1. Do you support giving the people a vote on the Brexit deal?

2. Do you agree the people's vote should include an option to remain in the EU?

Your sincerely

Increasingly Alarmed...



I am increasingly alarmed at the damage Brexit is doing to the UK, and I am writing to ask you to muster your courage and throw your weight behind a People's Vote. Vote Leave have been found guilty of breaking electoral law, undermining the legitimacy of the referendum result. The painless Brexit promised during the campaign is both undeliverable and the biggest lie of all. The architects of Brexit are fleeing the fallout and moving money offshore - options not open to the vast majority of your constituents. This is not a safe basis on which to proceed and I am therefore asking you to ensure that we get to make a decision on Brexit based on "informed consent".

Given the crisis unfolding in our country, with doctors, nurses, scientists, carers, and engineers all leaving, please, tell me honestly how Brexit:

  1. Will benefit the UK and end austerity?

  2. How will it benefit our NHS?

  3. How will it benefit me?


As one of your constituents, I urge you to do everything you can to stop Brexit, including adding your name to the campaign for a People's Vote. If you support No Deal or any form of Brexit, I will never vote for you or your party again and will encourage others to do the same.


Yours sincerely

Support a People's Vote



I am writing to you as your constituent to ask you to support a People’s Vote on the outcome of Brexit negotiations. 

As we saw at this year's Budget, the Government is trying to pretend that Brexit won't harm our economy. But the Treasury’s own leaked figures show that every form of Brexit will be make us poorer.

I know you didn’t go into politics to make anybody poorer – and nobody voted for that in 2016. But I am worried that the kind of deal now being proposed will damage not only living standards but our national interest too. Will you consider letting the public have a say over it?

The entire Brexit process has been a mess. The Brexit deal being suggested will harm businesses in our area, resulting in fewer jobs and less money for local public services like the NHS. We are handing over at least £50bn without even guaranteeing a trade deal in return, and threatening to dismember the United Kingdom itself in the process.

Your position on a People’s Vote will be the most important factor when I decide who to support at the next General Election. 

Please will you do the right thing for our country and put the historic decision as to whether to proceed with any Brexit deal in the hands of your constituents and the people of this great country?

I look forward to your reply.

Crib Sheet...



As my MP, I'm asking you to stand up for your constituents and demand a People's Vote on our future with the EU.

[If you are a member of the same political party as your MP, mention that here. How has your party’s stance on Brexit pleased or disappointed you?]

[Use this space to add a few sentences about how Brexit has affected you, your area, your friends and your family. It need not be long, but it is a chance to let your MP know what it is that personally worries you about Brexit.]

The world is a different place to the one it was in 2016. New facts have come to light, and unsurprisingly there has been a growing demand among the public for a say on whether or not Theresa May’s Brexit deal is good enough for their future.

As my elected member of Parliament, I ask you to support a new vote on Brexit: the British people deserve their say on the most important issue of a generation. I would appreciate a reply setting out whether you support a People's Vote.


Yours Sincerely,




A few suggestions on what to add to your letter…

Will my company still have access to markets on the same terms as now once we left the European Union?


Will my business be able to move skilled staff members between the United Kingdom and European Union in future?


I be able to continue trading without tariffs with the European Union in the future?


Will my goods be subject to new customs rules, procedures and inspections at the UK or EU border in future?

Could my shipments be held up and delayed?

How do you intend to replace the lost manufacturing investment as companies and industries leave the UK?

With medicines being stockpiled can you tell me how they will be distributed? First come – first served or controlled by hospitals and GP’s?

What provisions are in place to replace lost EU professionals from the NHS and Heath sector?

Will you guarantee basic foodstuffs will be available on 30th March?

What plans do you have in place to stop panic buying?

The fruit and vegetable industry is already suffering a loss of labour. Perishables are rotting in the fields unpicked. What are you doing to about replacing this labour and securing the food chain?

Will UK citizens still be able to sell products online to customers in the European Union despite us not having a data adequacy agreement?

How will UK citizens data be protected when the UK leaves the existing data agreements with the likes of the United States?

Will third parties (such as the United States and the European Union) be allowed to monitor and use my Personal Data without my permission and without any legal protection for me?

Data contracts are expensive to create, are the government going to offset the cost to help individuals and small businesses?

Assuming a data adequacy agreement is arranged with the EU. If the UK government unilaterally decides to change the terms of that agreement what plans are in place to protect UK citizens’ rights?

According to an Oxford Young people will lose as much as £108,000 in earnings by 2050 if the UK crashes out of the EU without a deal. What do you intend to do about this shortfall?

no-deal Brexit, leaving Britain trading with Europe on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms, would reduce GDP by 8 per cent over 15 years. What do you intend to do to offset this economic loss?

Leaving with a “Canada-style” free trade agreement, as favoured by Boris Johnson, would see growth cut by 5 per cent – while even staying inside the single market, a “Norway” deal, would deliver a 2 per cent hit. What plans do you have in place to replace this growth?

The loss of freedom of movement – with 78 per cent of 18 to 20-year-olds saying they will miss the right to live and work across the continent. What plans do you have to increase the opportunities for the young?

The threat to EU youth education, training and employment initiatives – including the Erasmus scheme, allowing students to live and work abroad. What will replace Erasmus?

Given the government have failure to secure a majority for the Chequers Deal will you now support a People’s Vote to truly validate what is the Will of the People?

It is clear that the Brexit sold to the country in June 2016 is not the Brexit we see today. Russian interference, illegal campaigning and lies from both sides so, will you now support a People’s Vote?