Worcestershire for Europe was founded in September 2016 by one angry man who decided that something should be done to stop the ridiculous national calamity that is Brexit. We are forever grateful Martin!

After identifying contacts, both nationally and locally, the group grew from three, to seven and then to a solid core of ten passionate activists. Attendees at the first nation meeting drew more into the group and with some outside support the core team was created. This was followed by, inevitably, by both a Facebook and Twitter presence.

By this time, the first committee meeting had taken place and our first Action Day (complete with home designed leaflets) was help in the mean streets of Worcester. The response was a mixture of apathy, some low-grade hostility and some much welcome support.

As time passed, we ventured back out into Worcester for further Action Days and to publicise the first National March against Brexit, held in Parliament Square on the 25th March 2017. The team are pictured below:

















By this time, support for stopping Brexit was growing and Worcestershire for Europe grew in parallel with increased numbers and increasing confidence. Further marches, party conferences, events and Action Days added to the public footprint of the group.

On January 1st 2018 the, now much expanded (and not due to the Christmas holiday), group met with friends from the European Movement and Herefordshire for Europe on the summit of The Malvern Hills to sing ‘Ode to Joy’ and welcome the New Year.

The team now has a large core-network of activists who are very ably supported by hundreds of members.

2018 is proving to be a very busy years for Worcestershire for Europe. We have accomplished:

  • Hosting of the No10 Vigil group in Worcester

  • The ‘Brexit, is it worth it?’ bus in Worcester

  • Action Days covering all the towns in Worcestershire (together with our friends from the European Movement and Pershore and Evesham for Europe)

  • Redditch Action Day – working together with Warwick and District for Europe, Stratford for Europe and of course The European Movement West Mercia

  • Leeds, Birmingham and London marches

  • Articles in the local Newspapers (too many to mention)

  • Hundreds of Post cards to MP’s, Hundreds of letters to MP’s and thousands of leaflets delivered

  • Support and close ties with other local groups (see links on the front page)

  • Support for Stop Brexit, SODEM and the People’s Vote


Please see the ‘Upcoming Events’ page for our very latest activities…

There has never been a better time to stand up and be counted. Even if you can only write to your MP or to the papers…Come and join us at Worcestershire for Europe and help us bury the national catastrophe that is Brexit.

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